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Quelle: http://www.beautywithoutcruelty.com/testing.html

In 1963, Beauty Without Cruelty was founded in England by the trustees of BWC Charitable Trust, an animal welfare organization. Its goal was to manufacture and distribute natural, color cosmetics that were NOT tested on animals (as was the norm) and did NOT contain any animal ingredients.

In 1989, Beauty Without Cruelty was introduced in the United States. Based on the principles of no animal testing, no animal ingredients, high quality, fair pricing, and environmental sensitivity, BWC cosmetics quickly became one of the industry’s leading brands. Later that year, a natural skin care line was developed to compliment the color line from England. Its cruelty-free, vegetarian ethic was embraced by American consumers making it one of the most respected and recognized lines in the marketplace.

Today, Beauty Without Cruelty has a full line of cruelty-free, vegetarian skin, body, and hair care products made with the finest natural ingredients and premium aroma-therapeutic essential oils, and a full line of colour cosmetics to meet the needs of every woman.

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  1. Toll, dass du dich mit dieser Firma beschäftigt hast und sie nun auf deiner Positiv-Liste stehen.
    Ich wollte schon länger mal was da bestellen und fand BWC irgendwie schon immer ganz gut :-)

  2. Ich freue mich das es immer mehr Firmen auf die grüne Liste schaffen ^^

    Ein Hoch Auf Unsere Erbse! <3 :D

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